Best Kikuyu Songs In English

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Muigai Njoroge

As one of Kikuyu's greatest artists, i will begin with his most recent songs done in January this year which most think are controversial and rumour has it that he was in a row with the government for them. But since i am on the process of acquiring his permission, i will begin with just three of them and when permisssion is granted, i can continue with the others. But by doing this, i hope i won't be giving the pigs food which they don't deserve!

1. Honet's Nest

Muigai, why did you go to the smiths' workarea,

then your wife conceived of the ogre,i used to tell you this was an ogres' breed,

but you argued that they had no mouth at the back of the neck,

brother Muhiko you truly told me,

these big people were really ogres,

i campaigned for them countrywide but at the end got no benefit.


but i rejoice when i know a day is coming,

and the whole country will queue, led by light and justice,

and topple the honets' nest.


we had hope when we eleced them,

that things would improve,

but being promised is not receiving,

and witnessing a beautiful springing of the seeds is not harvesting,

these people are like a blind man,

in a black house full of darkness,

chasing a black cat in the dark,

but the tragedy is, it is an imaginary cat!


in this case, carrots were hang for us as if we were goats,

that secondary school tuition would be free,

when the frog was helped to cross the river, it boasted,

now i have to sell my property to educate my child,

it is better to be led by a single lion,

than to be led by a 1000 rats,

a lion's roar makes the wild dogs tremble,

rats trampede evading a cat.


where are we headed,

coz the leaders whom we elected just increase their already big salaries,

we know well that when a lion eats,

blood must be shed,

the innocent citizens' blood we have shed,

is the blood that blesses their sacrifices.

the suits you wear, we are the tailors,

we give you meat, milk and bread,

we feed your dogs to nourishment,

they are now more nourished than us,

Muhiko, dogs are more important than people,

their flour is imported,

while a son of the soil is at Korogocho,

scrambling for left overs waste with the swines.


paying taxes is freedom,

we have seen how you love freedom,

you like dwelling on others' backs,

while you tax a mother selling arrow roots, it is evil,

if not for the love of this country,

i can neglect it and argue it is not my father's estate,

but i will never swallow the truth,

and vomit lies to give satan an offering.


" ooh God, you made me the alarm raiser,

forbade that i raise it against myself,

but what can i do?

and you made me that,

protect me you Provider, coz you provided unto me"


2. IDP

we heard "kobu korokoro",a witty boy sitting on a man,

planning to finish him,we swore by our mothers,

if we had been to the river,

the boy would face it rough, we seperated them,

both as angry as a baby's bag's seam,

war is tiresome, pain and loss,

we never thought they would later share a plate!


we carpeted with the palms, singing Hosanah,

claimed he was ours, ours from birth,

we sacrificed our lives, now we are IDPs, homeless!


Smith, do your work faster, your wife has conceived of the ogre,

swiften your feet coz there is danger at home,

your child may be swallowed by the ogre,

but when are you smiths coming home? coz you went and forgot your wives,

and the modern sparrows are so cunning, when sent with a message are bought on the way!


we were blinded by selfishness,

that riches should go back to our homes,

we ignored the fact that a black heart is easily bored,

but the hyena though greedy,

i have never witnessed it eat its kid,

buit i have now witnessed,

dry bones if mentioned in a tale,

an 80 years old man is heart broken,

coz he can never order a new suit,

i will speak wisely,

let the wise decipher.


can a father who meets his children quarrelling over food,

and he knows well enough he had left inadequate food,

hurriedly pick an axe and his wife a panga on the other side,

and start slaughtering the children so that they never do it again?

there are two types of wars,

words' wars and swords' wars,

a wise man knows which one should come first,

it is folly that was used,

else our children would be alive.


"God you witnessed it,

they torched our harvests,

torched our houses,

when we took refuge in your church,

they roasted us there,

and the way we had queued,

young and old,

that we may return riches to our homeland,

ooh, ooh, the clan of the small farmer,

where are we headed,

but God is merciful, merciful,

we will prosper, Yeeah.


3. It was Prophesied!

this agenda, this agenda, this agenda of our nation,

is likened with the heavenly agenda,

the innocent have died for it,

and have shed their blood,

turn the books of history,

and learn that blood was shed for this nation,

so that we alll may enjoy the fruits of freedom.


it was prophesied, it was prophesied,

it was prophesied that trouble,

would come from the lake of the boys,  

(but they will be frightened, agonised,

the God who blessed it for us is still alive!) X2


these leaders, these leaders,

they should get wiser and avoid to lead us into massacre,

then lets return to our history books,

and learn why do these people  have beef on us,

when i know they fight us over land,

land which we bought with our cash,

big people of the lake also hear,

will find ruin while seeking fame like the squirrel.


war also, war also, war also you know is tiresome,

people die, property is destroyed,

why are we quarrelling while we are sons of the same father, 

watch out, so that Kenya does not go the Rwanda way.

 ruining it for yourselves and your children,

God help our Kenya,

tribes are being ruined seeking royalty. 


this coalition, this coalition,

it should be watched not to bring pains of a lost daughter,

selfish people,  scramble for us,

coz you have seen an increase in the mouths to 2,

the life of the poor might harden,

and poor peoples' tears be shed,

and when they are shed, God is never happy when he sees them,

coz He is a strong God, Everlasting!


Kenya is ours, Kenya is ours,

Kenya is ours while in trouble or in peace,

i can get anything it asks me to get for it,

if it asks for money,

i will earn,

if it asks for prayers,

i will dress in a sack,

kneel down and ask God to pity it,

in the Holy name of the Father,

Jesus and the Holy Spirit,

May this country dwell in peace!