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Who Is Gachie Gatuma?

February 15, 2008

On third March 1989, in Kangema, Kenya; a child was born. According to tradition, five noisy ullulations were made. The child was frightened by the noise and contributed to the noise making by yelling a sharp cry. After discovering that he was making the situation worse, the little bundle of flesh kept quiet. A real problem solver had been born. After a few days, he was named Patrick Gachie son of Gatuma. Coincidentally, the child was extra-ordinarily dark and his father's name Gatuma, means a little piece of darkness!

He is now an old man who loves fantasizing. He enjoys the thinking way of life for he knows that it is only through thinking where he can create desirable characters of the drama called life. He can imagine of a world of kind and loving people; all people living in equality: the only policy that can eliminate lust; not the unpractical contentment always preached about.

The material man has schooled in Githiga Primary School and Murang'a High School where he left in year 2006. He has the dream of becoming a businessman and getting rich like any mortal. He understands the words of Ecclesiastes that the wisdom of the poor...

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